Whether you believe it or not, you are an energetic being. You, like everybody around you, have your own energy and it is uniquely, perfectly yours. Your energy existed before your physical body was created and your energy will continue to exist once your body no longer can.

There is a quiet peaceful clarity that comes from feeling our own energy. We are in flow, are connected to our purpose and feel powerful. Not that ego-centred, combative, f**k you-sort of power but the quiet, gentle strength that comes from knowing who you are.

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay in our own energy.  We deviate from our energy when we take on energies that are not ours.

Living in a city like New York we can feel like sponges picking up the energies of the people we live with, commute with and work with. And because it’s hard to find space for yourself it can be difficult to know what’s yours and what is someone elses.

We can also disconnect from our own energy when we want to avoid feeling a “negative” emotion such as anger, sadness or fear. We disconnect because the emotion seems too painful or maybe we never learnt how to recognise or deal with these feelings. Disconnecting doesn’t mean that the emotion leaves our energetic field – it doesn’t. It lingers there and manifests in ways to show us what we are feeling. A “nice” person who is never angry might find themselves in road rage situations or confronted by strangers who treat them angrily for no apparent reason. Life always puts before you what you need to see. There is an antiquated idea that being angry or sad is wrong. If we believe that, then we will never let go of the emotion. There is generally always a good reason at the core of anger, sadness or fear. If the emotion is truly ours it can actually feel good to feel because it’s clear. Experiencing it, acknowledging it and deeply feeling it in its entirety is also the way we can let it go.

Energy doesn’t follow the rules of space or time which means changing the energy of something can happen very quickly. Energy also opens up relationships between things that may not always be rational or logical. If you are feeling stuck in your job, addressing your health or social life might help shift the job situation. It can also feel magical as being in your energy means you are in flow with the universe and it allows for synchronicity to occur.

Energetic clearing and healing allows energy to flow, releases unwanted energies and connects you back with yourself. A friend told me that soon after I cleared his third eye, reconnecting him to his purpose, he bumped into someone who he had been wanting to meet for years, who had been an inspiration for him and his career. Living, breathing and doing from your energy really does allow you to accept all the magic that the world has to offer.

Looking after your energy doesn’t haven’t to be esoteric or complicated, though. Spending time with a friend who you really love and care for, belting out bon jovi at karaoke even buying something that you feel really great wearing, regardless of what anyone else thinks can all be profoundly healing.

Thanks for reading and for your support. Enjoy this and feel free to sing along