Giving up now and then

Giving up now and then

The idea of giving up or to stop striving or trying to make things happen seems like an anathema in this uber-positive, must-do-my-mantra-every-morning age. Whether it be to do with our career, relationships even our health and fitness; if we are constantly trying to make things happen or to change things and it feels like our efforts aren’t going anywhere, it’s rational to feel really disappointed, powerless or at a complete loss. It’s then really easy to turn this frustration with a situation into self blame. We tell ourselves that it’s our inadequacies that are holding us back – but what if it is that, some things at some times, are just simply out of control? Maybe there is a divine rhythm to timing that we can’t understand from where we sit right now, frustrated and impatient that we can’t get the perfect job, partner or lose 5 more kgs.

Giving up isn’t necessarily negative. A lot opened up for me when i started to think of giving up as giving in to what was coming from above me. That shiny, light, bright and divine energy that sits above our heads gently guiding us, supporting us, assuring us of our power, our destiny and our purpose? If we give in to what’s above us we are giving up control, giving up self blame, finding acceptance and learning to trust in the power and the wisdom that’s beyond what we can see right now. So much peace and power can come from understanding what you can and can not change.

If you feel frustrated about a situation that you seemingly can’t change right now despite your best efforts, it’s also important to recognise and acknowledge for yourself how disappointed, stuck or in despair you are feeling. Have compassion for yourself and the situation you face. And know that everyone is struggling with something. It’s not a failure if you aren’t positive all the time. It’s not a failure to admit that things are hard and it’s not a failure to give up striving for a while.

Sometimes when we let go of struggling and give ourselves a break – new avenues, solutions and ideas about thing can find us. These little shoots of possibility are gentle and fragile, they find it hard to grow in the harshness of self blame, anger and frustration.

Go on, give something heavy up – even if its just an idea or a perspective that hasn’t been working for you.