Be present

Be present

We’re right in the middle of the lunar and solar eclipses that are marking the month of August. Eclipses happen at least 4 times a year at the time of the full and new moons, making these already significant lunar events feel even more intense. Eclipses bring change with them; endings and beginnings. The full moon eclipse on Monday seemed to bring up emotions that we were holding on to, thoughts of the past, a heaviness about where we’ve been and where we’re going. It’s easy to think these feelings are indicators that our lives are not ok, that we’re not ok, that we need to change.  But maybe the opportunity to take stock of ourselves, of our lives, is simply that, an opportunity. Less about wrong or right and more a chance to reassess what’s important to us, what we want and what we can let go of.

It can be hard to look back at our lives and feel resolved with the past. It’s easy to find fault with our choices, our histories and regret certain events. Often we can feel like failures. But do you even believe in the idea of failing anyway? Everything that happens to us, is meant to and is what makes us, us. Everything in our lives adds to our stories, our understandings and who we are. We can’t change it and thinking of stuff that’s happened over and over, wishing we did this instead of that, doesn’t help much. We can be really critical when thinking about ourselves and not see all the growth, all the change, all that we do achieve. Ask a close friend and they will be far more honest with how far you’ve come. Accepting our pasts is an ongoing process and not easy but is part of living an authentic life.

The solar eclipse on the 21st of August brings with it an opportunity to welcome something into your life. A new beginning. It feels bright, hopeful, full of possibility. Depending on how you’re feeling the thought of change could be enticing or scary. We can put a lot of stock in the future – and wait for things to change so that we can exhale and feel ok again. The truth is we don’t know how the future will be. We all have a lot of ideas about how we would like it to be but really it is completely out of our control. Maybe it will be better than we can imagine, maybe worse, maybe a bit of both.

What you can control is how you treat yourself in the present. You can ask for help when you need it, you can be kind to yourself for what you’ve been through, what is going on right now and what might happen in the future. You can take the pressure off being perfect or good. You can give up holding responsibility for everything that happens and accept that a lot is simply out of your control.

Hope you have a great week and enjoy the solar eclipse.