Listen in

Listen in

We have made it to the dark moon phase of this eclipse month. The next few days leading up to the new moon solar eclipse could be the most intense and is definitely a time for letting go, slowing down and nurturing rather than pushing or trying to force things. Our bodies, minds and spirits need rest and restoration just as much or even more than we need action and forcefulness. We all have tendencies to “keep busy” to look for constant distractions and it can feel really difficult, and even like an effort, to really slow down.

There are real benefits in slowing down. If we are busy all the time and rush from task to task mindlessly we miss out on insights that come from within. So often we spend our lives looking outside of ourselves for the answers. We read books, see professionals, talk with friends and family all to gain a greater understanding of who we are, what we want and where we are going. All of these resources can be really useful and provide a lot of support but what about the support we can give ourselves. If we constantly look outside ourselves for the answers then we never get to learn that we can trust ourselves.

Our intuition is a great source of truth. If we believe we are divine and light and are here with a purpose then we have to honour that in ourselves and trust our knowledge, our strength and our power. Really tuning into your intuition can take practice, space and patience but the more you intend to listen, the more you will hear. Certain beliefs or ideas you have about yourself may need to change. If you think of yourself as always needing other people’s help or as being an indecisive, uncertain or passive person, then it will be hard to trust yourself from that place. If you let that belief go and instead start from a place where you trust that all the answers you need can come from within, that somewhere inside you know everything that you are supposed to and that you are a powerful person with clarity then you start from a place which is far more open and conducive to start tuning in.

There doesn’t have to be pressure on it. Being still is a start. It could be as simple as allowing yourself to do absolutely nothing. Just sitting, breathing, daydreaming. If you are looking for guidance or an answer, writing free hand in a journal for thirty minutes can uncover a lot about your feelings, thoughts and truths. You could ask yourself a question and then try meditating for ten minutes, clearing your mind, watching your breath. See if at the end of the ten minutes you have any more clarity. Once you start tuning in you could be surprised by how much you know. Instinctive thoughts and hunches could lead you to magical encounters and experiences.

Listening to yourself also means trusting that sometimes it’s okay not to know or not to have all the answers. Trust that you will know whatever it is when you’re supposed to and that there is a divine rhythm to timing that we can’t always understand just yet. The more you can accept and nurture the not knowing and be kind to yourself in that space, the easier your experience will be.