With what has been happening in the media these last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about power – how it is used and sadly abused. The idea of power or being powerful can have a bad rap. We have seen how someone’s power can be used to manipulate and control others and also how by attaining power, there is freedom to do so. Wanting or employing power of this kind seems to come from a huge amount of shame, from feeling extremely negative about oneself, from self anger or self hatred. If everything inherently comes from a choice between love and fear, power of this kind comes from fear.
Our true power doesn’t come from this darkness, it comes from light and love. Everyone knows that feeling when you are in your power. The world flows nicely, you feel connected to others, you feel aligned with what you want and have faith that it can be achieved. Rather than wanting power over something or someone you are more able to trust and let go of the need to control. You feel more attuned to the natural rhythms of life and can see that everything and everyone has their time and place. You need less reassurance or validation from people around you. Titles and accolades mean less, because you feel strong and powerful in yourself. Rather than an aggressiveness, loudness or heavy display, this sort of power can actually feel quite gentle, soft and quiet.

From time to time everyone will feel powerless. When you don’t feel in your power, a lot of sadness, anger and hurt seems to surface – it’s hard to create, hard to interact with other people and hard to feel like we have a place in the world.  We may think that it is because we lack money, prestige or influence but it seems like it’s really more to do with the sense of being disconnected from your self. It’s hard to feel powerful when you aren’t clear about what you want, where you’re going or who you are. It’s hard to feel powerful when we deny what we think of as negative emotions like sadness, hurt or anger. This discounts how we truly feel and causes a separation from ourselves.

When we feel powerless, we often look outside of ourselves to rectify the situation and change the feeling. We might channel our efforts into making money, into our work, into our art or creations, into studying and increasing our knowledge, into our relationships. There are widely held ideas that having any and all of these things indicate power, that you are powerful. However, nothing external will ever give us the sense of our power that we really, deeply crave.

The real feeling of power can only ever come from within. It means accepting and loving ourselves for who we are and accepting and having compassion for everything that has happened to get us to where we are right now. It means forgiving ourselves, for honouring ourselves, for giving ourselves what we need. It means respecting, listening to and giving space to our feelings however uncomfortable they might be. It means connecting with the divine light inside you and inside everyone, knowing we are inherently all the same, all equal, all light and all love. And it means trusting yourself, that you are meant to be here and knowing that the world needs the unique, beautiful, bright, loving power that comes from deep within you.